Monday, June 01, 2009

Grey whale

Date : Monday June 1st 2009
Location : Tofino, Vancouver Island
Position :
Species : Gray whale Eschrichtius robustus,
Total number seen : 2

From Tofino we went out with Tony from the Whale Centre to find grey whales. Just north of Vargas Island we spotted a grey whale feeding. We stopped the boat and while we were dead in the water the whale came closer towards us. There was a fog out at sea, and we decided to stay with this whale. The decision turned out very well. At one point the whale swam underneath the boat and surfaced just at the other side. The wind was toward us, and when it surfaced the spray of its blow was all over us. An amazing experience.

DSC06944 Grey Whale Blowholes


DSC06914 Sprayed by a grey whale