Friday, September 04, 1998

Orca Northern Residents

Date : Friday September 4th 1998
Location : Johnstone Strait, BC Canada
Position : 50-32N 126-42W
Species : Killer whale Orcinus orca
Total number seen : 40

Telegraph Cove is such a little village, before we realized it we passed it. With a population of 18 in wintertime and consisting of a boardwalk with a few houses and a restaurant it is a cozy little place and the place to be to have an orca encounter.image006
We went out to sea with the Gikumi, a wooden vessel, owned by Jim Borrowman of Stubbs Island Charters. The weather was great. It was a sunny calm morning and the scenery was breathtaking. WeĆ¢€™ve headed for the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve in the Johnstone Strait. Within 30 minutes from departure the first orcas came in sight. It was the first time ever we saw orcas. It was amazing to see the dorsal fin breaking trough the surface of the calm water and hear their mighty blows in the silent morning.
A big male, A33 nickname Nimpkish of the A12 matriline treated us on a close encounter. He broke through the surface right next to the boat and dived on his side under the boat and looked us right in the eye. Wow!
The sounds and the sightings were great that day. 40 whales were around us consisting of 6 different family pods. (A36s, A 8s, A12s, I15s, C10s and C6s).
A33 Nimpkish