Monday, July 02, 2001

Sperm Whale

Date : Monday July 2th 2001
Location : Norwegian Sea
Position : 69-22N 015-47E
Species : Spermwhale Physeter macrosephalus
Total number seen : 3

We left at 17.00 hours from Andenes to find a spermwhale. About 7 nautical miles northwest of Andenes, the Norwegian Sea becomes 900 metres deep. That is the place where the spermwhales are.
We saw the first blow when we where 8 miles from Andenes. He was at the surface resting.
A resting period takes about 5 or 6 minutes before he goes deep again. A deep dive takes about 30 minutes at this depth.
Spermwhale ds1spermwhale ds2spermwhale ds3spermwhale ds4
A deep dive of a spermwhale

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