Sunday, September 23, 2001

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Date : Sunday September 23th 2001
Location : Atlantic Ocean, Azores
Position : 38-22N 028-25W
Species : Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Stenella frontalis
Total number seen : 50-100

This morning we've had a lot wind, force 4 to 5. Sergje of the whalecentre let the decision to us, becaus he couldn't guarantee that we see dolphins today. The lookouts say that the sea west of Lajes was pretty calm, so we choose to go.
Near the shore we've met a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins. We trailed the main group and from the group a few dolphins seperate and came to the zodiac and swim with us. From the bow of the zodiac we've got a great view.
spotted dolphin 4

Spotted dolphin 1Azores

spotted dolphin 2 Azores

spotted dolphin

spotted dolphin2

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