Saturday, September 22, 2001

Risso's dolphin

Date : Saturday September 22th 2001
Location : Atlantic Ocean, Azores
Position : 38-22N 028-12W
Species : Risso's Dolphin Grampus griseus
Total number seen : 6-7

Today the weather was beautiful, no wind and a nice temperature of 24 degrees Celsius.
At 09.30 we left Lajes with the zodiac. The first group cetaceans we encountered where Risso's dolphins. We saw the dolphins east of Lajes, near Ribeirax. There where already 3 whale watch boats with the group, so we left this group alone and searched for something else.
More to the east we saw another group of Risso's. This group consisted of 6 or 7 individuals. Some of them where completely white. When Risso's are born they are dark coloured. When they get older they become more white at the time. When they are completly white they are at the age of 25 years. Risso's die at the age of approximately 30 years.
Risso fin


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