Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Orca Northern Residents

Date : Tuesday September 6th 2005
Location : Johnstone Strait, BC Canada
Position : 50-30N 126-36W
Species : Killer whale Orcinus orca (Northern Residents)
Total number seen : Approx. 60

Northern Residents A30s

Northern Residents I15s

We saw a lot of whales today. There were the A30s and I15s, including I41 with his collapsed dorsal fin and the G17s who visiting Johnstone Strait for the first time this year. The different families stayed on their own and didn’t mingle with each other.
I15s I41 I15s
There was a lot activity going on. A84 (A50 Clio’s baby) did a lot of breaching and we saw A39 (Pointer) tail slapping.

A84 and A50 189

It was an amazing day. Suddenly some Pacific white sided dolphins show up. With the A11s, and A8s returning from the east and the A12s and I11s coming in from Blackney Pass, the total number of whales were approximately up to 60 individuals.

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