Monday, September 05, 2005

Orca Transients

Date : Monday September 5th 2005
Location : Johnstone Strait, BC Canada
Position : 50-33N 126-47W
Species : Killer whale Orcinus orca (Transients)
Total number seen : 3

Today we went out whale watching on the Lukwa. With my cell phone I checked the comments of OL to find out if there where any whales in the area.
OL reported that there where Transients in Johnstone Strait and the Resident groups (A8s, A11s, A30s and I15s) where east of the Robson Bight. That looks promising.
From Telegraph we headed east and soon we spotted the Transients. The group consist of one male and two females. We lost the male and female very quickly and Wayne, the captain of the Lukwa, decided to follow the other female. She was in a hurry and headed west with a speed of 9 knots to Weynton Passage. She was also calling and mimicking the distinctive call of the I15s. We followed the whale for a while and suddenly she splashed her tail ones and breached directly after that. Then she headed west again with high speed. Onboard of the Lukwa we thought the whale was T2. At Weynton Passage we left the whale and we went north through Weynton Passage into Blackfish Sound. We saw no more whales that day.

Transient T2

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