Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Date : Wednesday December 5th 2007
Location : Vestfjord, Norway
Position : 68-13N 15-29E
Species : Killer whale Orcinus orca,
Total number seen : 5 orcas

We went out with the M/V Leonora from Skutvik, one hour drive with the bus from Tysfjord. Yesterday the orcas where seen near the Lofoten Islands, so they moved the boat to Skutvik. If the orcas are still around, it wouldn't be such a long time to get there. When we had left the harbour the message arrived that the orcas where seen near Tysfjord! That was two hours away with the Leonora. The zodiacs went out in front of us to find the orcas and we would follow.
We found the orcas in the Vestfjord, close to the lighthouse of Tranøy. It was a group of 5 or 6 orcas with 2 big males. They were swimming very fast in the direction of the Lofoten Islands. They where porpoising on the waves, a way of travelling we have only seen by transients orcas in British Columbia.
Because they where swimming so fast in opposite direction of the zodiacs, they unfortunately never saw the orcas today.


In the early morning at 00.30 hrs the Northernlight was stunning. We weren't able to make any photos by ourself because we couldn't get our camera in the right settings. These photos are taken by Hasse Andersson and he was so kind to share his photos with us. Hasse THANKS for a great week in Tysfjord!!
Tysford Norway 051207
Tysford Norway 051207
Tysford Norway 051207

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