Sunday, December 09, 2007


Date : Sunday December 9th 2007
Location : Tysfjord, Norway
Position : 68-13N 15-50E
Species : Killer whale Orcinus orca,
Total number seen : 6-8 orcas

From Bognes today. The weather today was really nice, almost no wind and beautiful sky! Just before Tiltvika,a few nautical miles west of Tysnes we saw a herring boat in the horizon, lets go there and check it out maybe the orcas are around. Suddenly we saw orcas just in front of the Leonora, 6-8 individuals and with a little calf. They where identified as the NG's. It seemed like they were on their way to the herring boat as well. Later we saw that they were cleaning their fishing nets. - Maybe they recognized the sound of the fishing nets going in to the water from the herring boat, Per Ole said. That probably is the case because they had the course set straight towards the boat and when they got there they were swimming around the net and eating. There where also a lot of seagulls feeding as well as a few sea eagles and there were also a lot of behavior- spy hoping, tailslaping and also sleeping!

DSC03284 091207
DSC03286 091207
DSC03316 091207
DSC03318 091207
DSC03353 091207
DSC03358 091207
DSC03359 091207
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